# Memorabilia in April # Italian styles, a change from delicacy to classic

Hiya! I have been missing you very much since our last meeting a month ago! In this issue, D6 will continue to appreciate the "European style". Upon the presentation of the Nordic design in previous issue, the unique style of the southern European country will be presented in this issue. 

This is Italy. It is a "pilgrimage place" for designers, which gives birth to the Italian style with coexistence of artistic aesthetics and practical philosophy. The style is simple and gorgeous. Definitely, the casual luxury will be presented in a perfect way.

The most important thing in Italian interior design is the sense of history and art. The designers with great ideas interpret the romance of "Roman Holiday" in the house.

The good-looking appearance is not exactly the same! The dedication to beauty allows the Italians to let the designers casually "change" their living spaces and infuse interesting souls. Is there a little expectation for the final result?

Interpreting the romance of "Roman Holiday" in the house

Beautiful appearance and interesting souls will finally meet in the fashion capital

Italian-style design is not only gorgeous and novel, but also always "people-oriented", just like Achille Castiglioni, the reform master of Italian design, who always insists on presenting the wonderful uses of ordinary objects that are suitable for people's daily life.

Immortal design legend
100th anniversary of birth

Commemorating Italian Design Reform Master

The immortal design legend has countless classics, either "plagiarized" or "saluted", all presenting its great vitality. This is a tribute to Achille Castiglioni, and a tribute to the classics.

Cross-age design as a tribute to the classics

Milan Design Week, a great event in April, will be previewed in D6! It is deserved to be praised as an event representing the highest level of design in the world!

A six-day trip is not enough to appreciate six exhibition areas and Salone Internazionale del Mobile! The accommodation is also a problem to be considered in Milan. We recommend five luxurious hotels around Milan! Can't you reserve? It is fine to see them. You must be full inspired in a trip to Milan!

Design trend vane
Waiting for one year again if missed

Really lucky to sleep here

It may be difficult to visit Italy on the ground. However, you may appreciate the style of causal luxury of Italian fabrics brought by Novatex (China) at the Hometex Spring 2018 that just ended.

It does not matter if you do not attend. This issue of D6 will interpret the style of causal luxury of Italian home from the fabric color matching, which is indeed worth reading for you. In addition, you may also appreciate the popular 2018/2019 home decoration elements. Come on!

Interpreting a new style of casual luxury for Italian furniture from a fabric color matching

2018/2019 Popular Home Elements Guide

Italian style has a different beauty than the Nordic design. I hope that you will be a follower after reading this issue of D6, and appreciate a change from delicacy to classic!