Interior Design Trends of 2018

People always never stop in the pursuit of fashion. However, fashion is constantly changing. What are the trends of home furnishing improvement in 2018?

Trend 1: Metal Elements

The metal elements with their own BGM are futuristic, unique and eye-catching. As a young generation who pursues individuality and fashion, metal elements are becoming more and more popular. Any kind of home style can be easily controlled, creating more texture and modernization for your home.

In fact, the use of metal elements in home furnishing is nothing new. It will be much highlighted in 2018, and the mix-and-match of multiple materials will usher in the greater breakthrough.

Trend 2: Polished Surfaces and Neutral Colors

With the prevalence of industrial styles, the polished surfaces will be surely popular in 2018. The smooth polished surfaces perfectly explain the "low-key luxury", which not only neutralize the cold and hard temperament of industrial styles, but also make the entire space more soothing and simple, with peace of mind.

Trend 3: Customized Carpets

When personalization and customization hit the mainstream, the customized carpets are gradually accepted by more and more people as a single product to improve the quality of life when the comfortable quality is required. It is expected to shine in 2018.

With the changeable styles of design, it perfectly fits in all kinds of home environments. In terms of specifications, it is much larger than traditional carpets. 

The main function is to enclose the entire space or the area where the furniture is concentrated, so as to form the unified and harmonious visual atmosphere and feeling. Of course, the final size, color and texture need to be determined in conjunction with the specific home environment to achieve the best results, so that the entire space is stylish and full of personality.

Trend 4: Geometric Texture

The geometric element has always been the factor to test the competence of designer. The good use of geometric elements can form a strong impact, so that the interior space is endowed with the strong sense of design. 
The geometric elements are casual and irregular, giving a feeling of momentum and freedom from restraint. While adding the space highlights, they can also bring more vitality to other home elements.

Trend 5: Color Collision

The use of excessive pure colors will inevitably make people feel rigid and boring. The bright and dark colors are contrasted and mixed to create an interesting aesthetic feeling and bring endless visual enjoyment to the house owner.

Fashion is an endless reincarnation. Although the style of home furnishing changes with the trend, it will not deviate from its essence---the dual pursuit of practicality and comfort. (Source: BAIZHANSHENGHUO)