This is the best time of home furnishing industry | See in August at Shenzhen

    Nowadays, in order to make innovations and breakthroughs, we must have more and more high-capacity capabilities and resources, yet the success is fewer. Time changes too fast. In the past, we defined a generation as 60s, 70s, and 80s, with 10 years as a time node. Now, we are talking about 95s and 00s, with 5 years as an era. Generations of new consumer groups continue to rise; the new and middle-income group is growing; the home furnishing consumption is escalating; and new consumer groups are focusing on personalities, art, and smart living environments.

Time flies and a half of 2018 has gone. Faced with the market of home furnishing and home decoration industry valuing 4 trillion Yuan in China, what new connotations, new requirements and new opportunities should be grasped in the future?

Consumers are always

Paying for the best products and excellent services

The saying is very old, but it will never be out of date.

Undoubtedly, the new middle class will become the next consumer group to be concerned about. With more than 200 million new middle-class consumers, this is an era proposition, while the new values and new life styles have formed with unique labels. It will be promising to truly understand and serve them well. We must really solve a very specific problem. Zhou Zhisheng, the founder of Quanwu Youpin, believes that "the overall decoration and large home not refer to doing anything, but integrate quality resources and reconstructs user experience". In the next 20 years, young people will only want to see the "lazy", and personalized label of the effect will become more and more serious.

Is China's home furnishing a small market?

It is certainly not. It will probably be the largest market in the world.

At present, the main consumer group of China's home furnishing industry is the high-end owners of relatively wealthy class. The main projects include medium and high-end residential buildings, villa, real estate model room, high-end luxury showroom, high-end shop-window display, home products exhibition layout and shop design. In terms of geographical distribution, the domestic home furnishing designers and design institutions are mainly located in the relatively developed first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. However, with the popularity of home furnishing design and the rapid spread of advanced notions, China is gestating a huge potential for home furnishing industry and is one of the next blue oceans to be sought after.

An absolute trend for industry integration

    China's current manufacturers, design companies and hypermarkets have all focuses on this "green gem mine". The enterprises can also take this opportunity to complete the combination of upstream and downstream strategies, and utilize the advantages of collective carrier, to transform the advantages of China's hard-won production power over decades into a unique design advantage in the world, and continue to export the creative ideas of home life to the world.

2018 will embrace major change in the home furnishing market, but there is no doubt that the home furnishing industry is gradually becoming clear. If you haven’t changed anything, no one can help you in the future.

Be ready to go

Home Furnishing Expo Shenzhen 2018

August 7-9

Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Grand Opening

An introduction of the sector of creative home in this expo

The First Shenzhen International Creative Home Interiors & Design Expo

It will bring

Home textiles, smart home,

Sun-shading, window accessories, wall-covering,

Overall home furnishing, design fabrics,

Finished furniture, customized furniture,

Lighting, fine ceramics,

Jewelry and other categories of creative products

as well as

Home furnishing, display, decoration, products

And other home new design powers will bring

Home design

Satisfied for new middle-class consumer groups’ need

Further enriching the connotation of Shenzhen Home Furnishing Expo Shenzhen

Again refreshing the scale of the expo

130,000 square meters

Jointly witness

The best time of home furnishing industry