New world cannot be found if follow the old map | Shenzhen International Creative Home Interiors & Design Expo leading the new routes

Follow the old maps of "single product marketing"

Impossible to find a new world in the era of overall home solution in "cross-boarder integration" and "personalized customization"

    The home furnishing industry has entered the age of overall solution. The cross-border integration and personalized customization are the labels. The original closed-loop business in the home furnishing industry will be dismantled. The previous distributors, wholesalers and retailers will be gradually concentrated. A large number of single-product marketing middlemen lacking innovation ability will be abandoned by the times, while the rest will be transformed into a highly integrated service provider. However, your new world does not lie in the service providers transformed by dealers/wholesalers, but in cross-border customers transformed from other areas.

Cross-border customers

The key to the new closed-loop business in the home furnishing industry

Also a breakthrough for home furnishing companies

A real breakthrough

Not a repetitive packaging of tradition

But constantly explore and innovate

No new markets, no new organizations

There will be no real development

Where is the New World?

What is the new map?

The First Shenzhen International Creative Home Interiors & Design Expo

    It is jointly created by more than a dozen organizations familiar with cross-border integration, with excellent designers, quality building materials, furniture, lighting, wall-covering, home decorations and other sectors, to break the inherent isolation of home-related sectors, deeply integrate through creative design, showcase the new exhibition model, and guide the new normality of industry marketing.

    Together with Home Furnishing Expo Shenzhen, the China's first home furnishing expo, a 130,000-square-meter grand home furnishing exhibition will be jointly presented, "concentrating the global creative home and blooming with wonderful designs". Over 100,000 cross-border home buyers from more than 30 countries and regions will jointly witness this industry event.

With innovative soul

Transferring the new map of home furnishing industry development

With design strength

Leading the new exciting development of home furnishing industry

Shenzhen International Creative Home Interiors & Design Expo

Date: August 7-9, 2018

Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian District, Shenzhen)


Shenzhen Zhongju United Cultural Development Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen Boao Exhibition Co., Ltd.



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