Learning these tricks to become a master of brand window ornament

In September and October that are the golden season for home decoration,
What are you busy with at this time?
Still in the market
Making the curtain rod (track) styles that are common,
Suffering from more troubles and worries,
But gaining the less money?
Still bargaining with the customers,
Being involved in the price competition with the industry peers?

Or still worrying about the after-sales problems caused by using inferior products?

Learning these tricks
Becoming a master of brand window ornament
Enjoying a decent life
Gaining the deserved market profits
Creating more product surplus values

Product is the King


(1) Enjoying the peculiarity of the product and the uniqueness of the market, avoiding the vicious price competition of homogenized products;
(2) Enjoying the product quality assurance, color consistency, track mute, curved track flexibility and other dimensions.

Recommendation of some special items in Beléo:
30 Milan Series
(Click on the images to view product details)

28 Ferrari Series
(Click on the images to view product details)

Fairy World - Small Bear
(Click on the images to view product details)

Rationalized Product Pricing


The market competition is fierce, and the Internet society tends to be transparent, so that it is sufficient to maintain a reasonable profit while selling the medium and high-end products. It is inadvisable to give the extortionate prices, because this will be bad for the selling of the high-quality products. The market retail prices for the products at all grades should be in a reasonable difference.

Product Display


(1) Unified brand: The same brand product is arranged in the same store as much as possible, especially the brand furnishing store. With the same series of square track, curved track and Roma rod, the display is neater which is more convincing to the customers.
(2) Both medium and high-grade products are finely selected, and the addition of inferior and low-grade products is not allowed.
(3) Appropriate changes are made on display mode, so that the products can be displayed in a flexible and artistic manner.

Display Demonstration:

Providing a variety of sample display materials in the entire series for new customers

High-grade aluminum alloy track display box

High-grade aluminum alloy Roma rod + track display box

Floor display rack and wall display rack

Professional and best-trained services

Ensuring that the sales staffs at each step are familiar with the product selling points and functions, and providing the customers with a good product introduction.


At the festivals with a lot of customers, the appropriate promotions are strongly suggested in the terminal stores

Expanding the sales channels

It is not confined to the traditional sales channels.

Looking for customers across multiple sectors

We sincerely invite all the online and offline curtain track wholesalers, medium and high-end furnishing stores, curtain cloth shops, decoration companies, whole-house custom brand manufacturers, and building materials sellers to join the brands of Fenghua Window Decoration.

Focusing on the products and brands


Last but not least, it is focusing on the products and brands, and concentrating on the win-win development with high-quality manufacturers.